K-Makin Technologies


At K-Makin, a global innovation consultancy, we offer innovative, reliable and scalable tech solutions for digital transformation. Backed by our domain expertise, deep & diverse experience and current technical insights, we help our client partners, primarily through three main groups - knowledge management services, technology solutions and offshore services & support group.


Consulting Services

Finding right IT solution is causing hindrance to your business? We offer consulting services to help you make an informed decision on selecting the IT platform, the approach and the scale, which is just apt for your business. We help you with seamless integration of IT services with an aim to innovate, transform and scale up your business. As a strategic IT partner, we help you devise cost-effective, scalable solutions and ensure that IT issues are no more a challenge in you.


Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation enables faster, safer production processes, which are more flexible, scalable and cost-effective. Utilizing automation, we can help enterprises from across sectors to achieve enhanced efficiency. Our area of expertise includes controlled devices like PCs, PLCs, DCS, and motion controllers. We can help you implement automated manufacturing data solution so that you can focus on avenues for expanding your product offering.


Business Process Management

Backed with domain expertise, proven capabilities, skills & deep experience, we offer end-to-end BPM outsourcing solutions. We enable our client partners to increase productivity, achieve cost-reduction, optimizing asset utilization while delivering superior customer experience. Our integrated & robust business management approach help enterprises across sectors to unravel the business challenges to drive them to growth pedestal.


Cyber Security

While we are getting more & more digital, the glut of data also makes the IT resources vulnerable to malicious attacks. Hence, in today’s digital world, advanced cyber security measures are all the more important. While digital transformation is not just a buzz word but a global phenomenon to stay afloat in fast evolving tech space, protecting data, network & hardware from cyber-attack is imperative. Get in touch with us to know how our team of experts works to safeguard digital assets.


Cloud Computing

While on one hand, an estimated 30% infrastructure on cloud is underutilized, on the other, enterprises struggle with storage of their precious data. While we all know that cloud computing offers many benefits to businesses of all sizes, it is not about the awareness but finding the right approach to migrate into cloud computing. Our team of experts will ensure seamless migration of your data into secure & accessible cloud infrastructure while you focus on your business infrastructure. 


Branding & Digital Marketing

Being in the creative field, our challenge is not just to enthrall but also constantly surprise our audience by outsmarting our previous (mostly flawless) work. Thus, along with our brands, we’ve also been evolving. Be it developing Corporate Identity or running a digital campaign, we understand that a masterpiece is created when it not only touches the heart, but also remains with the recipient for a lifetime.